svn 如何恢复已删除的文件及提交记录

svn 如何恢复已删除的文件及提交记录


If you just did

svn rm foo.txt

then you can undo that with simply

svn revert foo.txt

If you already checked in after doing the “svn rm” then you can look at the log (svn log), find the last revision where the file existed, and grab it from that version. One way to do that is to merge in the old revision that has the file. Assuming the current revision is 123 and the last version with that file is 120, then do this:

svn merge -r123:120

Maybe first do a dry run to make sure it won’t do anything you don’t want:

svn --dry-run merge -r123:120

For the sub-question, how to remove a file from svn without removing the local copy:

svn rm foo.txt --keep-local

Or, of course, you could just copy to a temp file before svn rm’ing and then copy back:

cp foo.txt foo.txt-tmp
svn rm foo.txt
(svn ci -m "just removed foo.txt from the repository")
cp foo.txt-tmp foo.txt


To remove a file but keep it in the working copy, use

svn rm foo.txt --keep-local

To get a file back after you’ve committed the remove, you can use either the merge command, or the copy command - both will preserve the file history. Since the merge way is already described elsewhere, here’s the copy way:

svn rm foo.txt
svn ci foo.txt -m "removed file"
(now at r5 as an example)
svn cp url/to/removed/foo.txt -r4 foo.txt
svn ci foo.txt -m "got file back"


For TortoiseSVN users, this is very easily accomplished via the Repo Browser. Within the Repo Browser switch to the revision before the file was deleted (you can change the version using the “Revision:” button at the top right):


You should then be able to see the deleted file in its original location in the Repo Browser. Right-click on it and choose “Copy to working copy…”:

The file will then be restored to your working copy ready to commit (as though svn added) and with its log history intact.


  1. xcode svn commit: remains in tree-conflict 错误的解决办法 这是因为在服务器端把文件delete掉了,然后再update了一次,结果就造成了冲突。解决方案:

    filename 为出错文件的绝对路径 svn remove –force filename svn resolve –accept=working filename svn commit

updated_at 28-09-2018